The individual character of an old, possibly even historic building is often not reached by a new building. Old buildings may even dominate the urban landscape and may be under a preservation order. The main challenge during the refurbishing is often to bring old parts such as timber or plaster in line with comfort and energy efficiency.

The existing substance should be conserved and combined with all the modern components of building. Regardless of  year and style of the building, our services include either building materials or construction management for the restoration companies employed by you.

With the renovation we emphasize:

  • preservation and protection of historical materials
  • professional connection between new techniqes and existing preconditions
  • renovation with attention to detail
  • consideration of modern demands on the quality of living
  • Historical Heritage Preservation

Creative development concepts for free or unused roof and basement spaces, or the desing  for people with disabilities are part of our portfolio.

We help in the procurement of funds, grants or loans for restructuring measures.